Maileg Shipping Restriction in Ohio and Pennsylvania

We regret to inform you that we are currently unable to ship Maileg products, which use 100% recycled polyester for doll stuffing, to customers in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Maileg is committed to reducing the demand for virgin polyester fibers through sustainable practices. However, regulations in Ohio and Pennsylvania mandate the use of all new materials in toy stuffing, creating challenges for brands using recycled materials.

These regulations, established in 1961, do not account for the advancements in safe and innovative practices for creating clean recycled materials, posing a hurdle for brands dedicated to sustainable practices.

We strongly support brands working to reduce environmental impact through the use of recycled materials. Discussions are underway to review and update these regulations, and we hope for revisions that will enable us to offer high-quality, sustainable toys to customers in those states.

Please be aware that the following companies/products also cannot be shipped to Pennsylvania and Ohio:

Les Deglingos

We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these regulatory challenges. For any questions, please email us at