Maileg New Bunnies and Rabbits


The New Bunnies & Rabbits Have Arrived!

New Look!
We are delighted to introduce the next generation of Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits. Maileg made slight changes to them and we have to say, they look more adorable than ever before! 

New Fabric!
They are s-o-f-t-e-r, made from a blend of washed cotton and linen (for better cuddling, of course).

New Wardrobe!
Their little faces are rounder and their shoulders are more defined to fit in their new clothes just right. All are dressed in wonderfully-detailed, high-quality fashions, like French Breton sailor shirts and fine cotton dresses in bright colors. Designs for more new clothes are being finalized and should arrive later in the summer. Please note that due to the revised body style (broader shoulders), the older clothes will not fit the new Rabbits and Bunnies.

New Sizes!
We have new sizes, 1 (the smallest) through 5 (like the Mega).